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it's 6:00 and the week's end and sharon will have more on traffic right after marty's first warning doppler radar report. what a day it's going to be. cut and paste yesterday afternoon into this afternoon that about sums it up. 72 at lunch and close enough for me to call 80. 76 and beautiful this evening. anybody get outdoors last night. it was a good thing. i did eat on the screen porch. how is the rush? here's sharon. good morning. we have a bit of a problem now, especially if you're traveling in the psychosville area. an accident be right backing all lanes now. this is blocking liberty road and route 32 and oklahoma road. you'll want to take 32 to bennett to oklahoma and back to oakland mills road and liberty road. a tough way to get around that. but we'll keep you updated on
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that situation. everything running smoothly on the beltway. east side looking good at the key bridge and traffic is very light there. remember. wjz is always on. you can always log onto here's what people will be talk being today. h1n1 swine flu, it's been a while since we've heard much about it. but the virus has claimed another life in maryland. we're live outside the state health department downtown. >> reporter: good morning. the health department is not releasing much information about this latest h1n1 swine flu victim. but we do know that he or she did not get the vaccine and that something state officials want to change. this is the 45th person to die from the h1n1 swine flu in the state of maryland. all state health officials are saying is that the adult lived in the baltimore area and died within the past week. we don't know the anal, medical history or gender of the victim. >> other than that, we are not
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reporting details in the interest of confidentiality. >> reporter: the death come as three southeastern states report that the virus is making a comeback. >> it is not unexpected that we will continue periodically to see the deaths. >> reporter: maryland's health department has launched an aggressive campaign warning marylanders about what something everybody knows, the virus is dangerous. >> you can avoid the h1n1 swine flu by washing your hands often, of course but getting vaccinate is the best protection. >> reporter: many of maryland's h1n1 swine flu victim have been young people, people like one- year-old destiny parker, she died last september and 18-year- old walter brooks that lived in the brooklyn park area. he died in october. >> best step in terms of protecting yourself is to get vaccinated. vaccine, we see now is safe effective and it is the number one thing to prevent getting
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infected with the h1n1 swine flu. >> reporter: the state has scheduled more than 150 free h1n1 swine flu vaccination clinics around the state. they will be held next week. for information on those, you can go to our website, many area doctors still have a supply of the vaccine. contact your doctor to find out more. howard county executive ken alderman will be released from the hospital this morning after a scary incident yesterday. he suffered a nose bleed so severe is caused his blood pressure to drop rapidly. he was treated for a nasal hemorrhage. three people are behind bars this morning after a stabbing at white marsh mall. baltimore county police say that a person was stabbed inside the mall around 9:30 and the person is being treated for a non-life threatening wound this morning. it's not clear what led up to the stabbing. and tragedy has struck into
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what is called to the happiest place on earth. a walt disney shuttle bus struck and killed a nine-year- old yesterday. he and another child were riding from a nearby camp site and they were hit. the other child was not hurt. they continue to look into the incident. >> we're investigating and talking to a lot of witnesses right now. our crash is under investigation. so we'll make a determination if anybody will be charged once the investigation is complete. >> the bus -- nobody on the bus was hurt and the bus driver work at the park for more than zero years. lawyers for dr. conrad murray wants to be able to treat patients. they are working to suspend his license pending trial. he is facing involuntary manslaughter for jackson's death. he died after giving a powerful dose of a powerful anesthetic. demonstrators rally at a
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baltimore county skating rink. a permit dispute is threatening to close the doors there forever. here's more on the fight to keep the doors open. >> reporter: for more than a year, skate works has built a strong following of teens looking for fun and families wanting a break. baltimore county sees this business as a nuisance as police answer calls for noise, vandalism and large groups. >> there are tons of daycare electrics that come in the summertime for mer camp and it would be a great loss. >> reporter: city and county families are showing up to support the rink. they hope to keep it open. >> we do fundraisers and have kutchers come. >> reporter: skate works is located a commercial area. there's warehouses and local businesses and stores. the owners at miss there are some issues on many nights when the teens are here but they want the county to work with them, not shut them down.
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>> in a town where recreation centers are shutting down, our doors are open in the times of a recession we were brave enough to open up a business that services the community. >> reporter: the problem is the rink is violating the permit by staying open past midnight. the website clearly advertises a show that is scheduled last till 4:00 a.m. however another baltimore county skating rink in towson lists its adult sessions going to 4:00 in the morning also. >> we think that is unfair. we don't understand why we're not allowed to stay open when they are. >> reporter: the skate works attorney wants to focus not being shut down first. >> once we are past that hurdle, we should be allowed to stay open till 4:00 a.m. like other businesses. >> reporter: the rink can ask for permission to stay open past midnight for special events. but he said every time they ask the county, they said no. he cannot recall if they asked permission for the event that
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is currently advertised on the website. baltimore county officials will not comment on the case while it's still in litigation. the maryland basketball terrapins may have come up short in the ncaa basketball tournament. but the accolades just keep coming for guard greivis vasquez. he was honored with the bob cuessy award.bob cousy award. and eric haze is a double winner at the college 3-point shooting challenge in indianapolis. after winning the men's contest, he took on the women's winner and he won the battle of the sexes too by just one point. don't forget, the final four is this weekend. you can see it right here on wjz 13. the championship gym is monday
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night, also to be seen right here on >> we talked about this last hour. maybe you don't know who bob cousy is the man who vasquez was -- i think you win. i don't think you're given that. that is bob cousy right there. he ruled the floor for the boston celtics. he's as legendary in boston as -- that is saying a loss. bob cousy used to shoot his ball underhanded. it will be everywhere this weekend leading up to the final game to the road to the final four. it's foul shots like that.
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he's a good comparison as unites was to football. he played in the same year at chamberlain. that is a heck of an award for vasquez. bring in vasquez one more time. do you think that jersey will be hanging from the roof of the comcast center? that is a lock. it will be interesting to see where he goes in the nba draft. >> it sure well. some people say he may not make in nba. >> just because you're the best and the best in your field, doesn't mean you'll make the nba. >> interesting angle. >> it's interesting who makes the nba teams and who does not. take a look at the graphic and i want to hoe you the radar and the forecast. this big dome high pressure sitting on top of us, the record breaking warmth is not going to be here. in 1978 it got to 88 degrees yesterday, today and tomorrow
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that is exceptional. to the north and west it did not get that warm. so 80 degrees this date could tie or break records. you can see the extent of this warm air mass. you see the stationary front going west to east there north of chicago. so a stationary front is stalled down between two air masses. and then you can see a cold front moving on off to the southwest, just west of dallas there. everywhere to the east is warm. this is finally getting the weather that we were just fantasizing back in february. forecast calls for high of 78 with a ton of sun. it's a great weekend in maryland and a great easter weekend. we're in front of strowski's.
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>> reporter: this is a baltimore tradition. the polish sausage, they'll be lining up later this morning here on fells point. - at subway... - there's something for... - everyone.
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. sunny and 80 today. i'm talking to goody. we're talking about bob cousy and how he was a textbook player and how he set the standard and goody says mr. west. and quest says kanye west? that is great. 96% humidity. an easterly breeze at five and bar meter is up to -- barometer moves up to 30.10. 46 ocean city easton and baltimore, 45 in elkton, 53
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washington d.c., 53 hagerstown, 45 in cumberland. westminster 49 in bel-air and columbia. 48 degrees in rock hall. here's this big dome of high pressure. just rocking our -- locking our forecast in place. we're into the next day. but now conditions like this, warm, calm and clear go through mid-week next week. and today's 78 and call it 80. plenty sanitily warm and plenty of sunshine in the area. we'll stay mainly clear. 48 for the overnight low. 76 degrees on easter sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday, sunny and back to almost 80 as we move into mid-week next week. some trouble on liberty road. >> reporter: we have an accident in psychosville and it
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is blocking all lanes of liberty road between 32 and oklahoma road. take 32 to bennett to oklahoma road to oakland mills road and back to liberty road. there's a look at your drive times and speeds other than the beltway. everything still looking very nice. everything at full speed. there's a live look at the northwest side of the beltway at old cliff road. the inner an out tear loop running at full speed. there's a look at putty hill avenue. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners. to get the facts and latest information visit and let's go out to ron right now with a baltimore tradition. >> reporter: yes, it is. how are you doing on this good friday? we're doing well. this is strowski's famous polish sausage. we're at fells point. probably within a couple of hours, there's going to be a
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long line here, folks lining up to get the famous strowski's toll lisch sausage -- polish sausage. it's been a baltimore tradition for nearly a century now. the king is inside working as we speak. a lot of people use this. they have special recipes for easter and it goes in the easter baskets and they're taken to church where they are blessed. it's a real great baltimore tradition. and everybody we talk to in line, they've got a different recipe. everybody's things are passed down from generation to generation. it's fascinating to watch and they will be busy here all day. >> i have a quick question, maybe you don't know the answer to this baltimore is a city of
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great ethnic diversity. did this start out being a polish easter thing and it migrated to everybody with common sense and good taste? >> reporter: continuing d i'm not sure about that. it migrated everybody. the polish sausage is terrific. to give you an idea how crazy people get, we have interviewed people in line from pennsylvania, virginia, delaware. people drive hundreds of miles just to come to strowski's on good friday. >> i remember covering the story and people coming down from new york state. people travel a long way. >> you have to look at it this way. strowski's is to polish sausage as corn beef is to -- i could go for a polish sausage.
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>> reporter: i like the spicey one. >> with mustard on that. >> reporter: yes. >> on a toasted bun. >> reporter: that will clear the sinuses. >> it will clear the room too. >> another easter tradition is the butter in the lamb form. they force the but her in a mold. >> reporter: that's right. we'll be here a little later. and the folks will be lining up here to do their good friday tradition. it's a great piece of baltimore. it really is. have a good friday. and happy easter everybody. we'll see you in fells point in front jimmy's restaurant monday morning. and we have pirates joining us. >> i think there could be a
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soup of the day at jimmy's. want at the say happy easter to all the people at jimmy's. >> reporter: what is normally tear pen country, mountaineers are taking over. >> reporter: before you get to the west virginia border, i'm at the state line with the latest how marylanders are ,,,,,
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let's look how to start a friday and a weekend. sunny and 78 degrees in day. maryland may be out of the ncaa basketball tournament. but the excitement is still building the state about the final four because the west virginia mountaineers have become maryland's documented team. they have a huge following here. >> reporter: good morning across maryland, people are probably supporting their gare for the big town turn -- ncaa basketball tournament final game. there's something strange good going on in maryland what is
6:25 am
traditional a terrapin interpret, the fans make it impossible to see any red. >> we believe blue and gold here. >> reporter: but you live many maryland. >> i know. it's almost an oasis in the big sea of red. >> reporter: the terrapin's trip came to an end after they were beat on the buzzer. >> it's the only thing in the state of west virginia that brings people together like it does. >> reporter: and driving a few mind down maryland roads leads you into the country roads of west virginia. but true mountaineer fans saying routing for wvu is so much more than just being a good neighbor. >> it's not soul. >> reporter: without knowing home is where the heart is and knowing that the country roads
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can take you there. even if -- even if you do live in maryland. several watch parties are scheduled across the state, many of which are in baltimore city. we don't have to tell that you the final four is this weekend and wjz is the only place that you can watch the games, this saturday, tomorrow it is butler playing michigan state and the mountain nears and duke. all the action starts right here on wjz 6:00 p.m. saturday evening. yet to come on our morning edition... >> reporter: the labor department releases the latest unemployment numbers later today. details are coming up. >> reporter: the h1n1 swine flu is back. it took another marylander's
6:27 am
life. that story is ahead. crying foul, a major league baseball player calls for change across the parks in the country after hitting his own mother with a foul ball. we have an accident, one blocking all lanes. we'll tell where you that is. coming up on coffee w we have the facebook page up from sandra lee from the food network. she's a really good person. she's been on the show a bunch of time and talking about some easter recipes. we were busting pretty good on sandra. she can dish it and she can take t you can join us with one of our favorites at 6:45 when the morning edition continues right after this. welcome to the modern world, people.
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there. there's a problem along liberty road. good morning. this is a splendid friday. this is textbook. 72 at lunch. the normal is 60. after 72 at lunch and the high temperature around 80 degrees on this day about 20 degrees above normal. 76 degrees still beautiful this evening. not textbook. that the line of the day and that is true. way out in liberty road there's a problem. here's sharon. we have a few problems that we're just getting word of an accident involving a bike in columbia on harpers farm road and we have another new accident on 195. that on the shoulder but no causing any delays and the
6:32 am
other one and liberty road. it remains closed in both directions between route 32 to oklahoma road. otherwise, speeds on the belt ways still at full speed on the top and the west side outer loop. but there's a live look of 95 there. run willful speed there. there's a look at the beltway. this traffic report it brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wonder about the toyota recalls, get the fact and information visit the h1n1 swine flu virus is still with us, perhaps making a resurgence as another marylander has died from it. we're live outside the state health department. >> reporter: good morning. the last maryland h1n1 swine flu death was back in february. all we know about the most recent death is that he or she
6:33 am
was not vaccinated. now the state is renewing the efforts to make sure that everyone gets the shot. this is the 45th person to die from the h1n1 swine flu in the state of maryland. all state health officials are saying is that the adult lived in the baltimore area and died within the past week. we don't know the age, medical history or gender of the victim. >> other than that, we are not reporting details and information in the interest of confidentiality. >> reporter: it comes as three southeastern states report that the virus is making a comeback. >> it is not unexpected that we'll continue periodically to see the deaths. >> reporter: maryland's health department has launched an aggressive campaign, warning marylanders about something that many already know. >> you can avoid the h1n1 swine flu by washing your hands often, but getting vaccinate said your best protection. >> reporter: many of maryland's h1n1 swine flu victim have been
6:34 am
young people, people like 14- year-old destiny parker, a middle school student that died last september and 18-year-old walter brooks that lived in the brooklyn park area. he died in october. the best step in terms of protecting yourself is to get vaccinated. vaccine, we see now is safe effective and it is the number one thing to prevent getting infected with the h1n1 swine flu. >> reporter: health officials say only about a quarter of americans are vaccinated. and that's mainly because many are still sceptical of the vaccine. but health officials and doctors continue to say that the vaccine is safe and the only way to be protected. back to you. statewide 150 prevaccination clinics are scheduled for this week. for a complete list go to a new development in an effort to bring slot machine gambling to the campus of the
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catalytic converter -- the anne arundel county mall. some praise for baltimore city's crime watch cameras. a new study says they're working out pretty well. they a that the cameras contributed to a 25% decrease in crime in the business district. the city's take the attorney said lasts year there were 759 arrests attribute to the cameras. one recent arrest involves a 17-year-old involved in the shooting of a five-year-old girl. but did the police arrest the right person? >> reporter: statements followed by the prosecutor's first witness, the cousin of raven wyatt. we were walking along south street last july and raven was struck in the head by a stray bullet. >> we have a lot of witnesss that we intend to call to prove our case. and the burden is to prove the
6:36 am
case beyond a reasonable doubt. >> reporter: this was caught on a city crime camera. they said timothy davis was the -- lamont davis was the suspect. davis who has ban rested more than a dozen times was supposed to be wearing a gps monitoring device. we learned that the monitor was not working the day of the shooting. >> the ankle bracelet that lamont davis that he was wearing was something he considered a minor technicalitity and did not prevent him from doing what he wanted to do and where he wanted to go. >> reporter: jessica kartalja, "wjz eyewitness news." >> defense will say that it was working the day of the shooting and that he was home the day of
6:37 am
the shooting. you may remember that a man was ordered to pay the court costs after his son's funeral. fox commentator bill o'riley said that he will pay the $146,000 saying that o'reilly will not let this injustice stand. unemployment numbers are hours away from being released. and they expect the first major improvement in three years. >> reporter: today's unemployment report is expected to show a growing number of mornings found work last month, on lit second time since the recession began. analysts predict that the economy gained 190,000 jobs in march. unemployment is forecast to stay at 9. seven%. >> i want you to know that we're working every single day to spur job creation and turn this economy around. >> reporter: president obama will focus on jobs today when
6:38 am
he visits a manufacturing plant in charlotte, north carolina. his administration as said that despite i am approximates, the jobless rate will likely stay high for quite some time. auto sale are shifting into high gear. u.s. car sales jumped four% in -- 24% in march, the best showing in a year. toyota offered big incentives and that sparked incentives from rivallers and chrysler saw their sales drop 8%. but it could have a ripple effect like this los angeles production company. they just worked with on a news ad for jeep that employed 120 people. >> people came up to me at the end of the shoot and said thank god for jeep and that job because i had not worked two
6:39 am
months. >> reporter: the hope now is that the auto industry's recent boost will mean a similar rebound for the rest of the country. with that said, there are more layoffs to report this morning. this time in frederick county where some government workers will be laid off. it will help fill six mfldz a budget deficit. a new outfielder wants to see changes coming to the park across the country. he thinks that the netting should be extended down the foul line in parks every year. he hit a ball into the stand and hit his mother in the chest. that's stands now each city determines how much netting to use. the team is adding depth to the roster picking up julio lugo from the cardinals. he was traded to the birds in exchange for a player that will be named later. they start the season in tampa
6:40 am
bay next tuesday. they beat the rays in an exhibition game yesterday. ease sister a couple days away and that means a lot of people will be splurge on chocolate bunnies. that is true in germany where size seems to matter. they've been turning belgian chocolate into super size creations. they say that a family of four can usually share one bunny and each will get a healthy portion. >> the weather this day, you couldn't have better weather to start an easter holiday weekend. >> i agree. >> i can't think of an easter holiday weekend that is starting off and remain this nice. >> and all week long, you have mentioned sunrise services, of which there are many. this is not that far away from the normal daytime high that is 60 degrees. take a look at graphic and radar and we'll go back to another graphic. i feel like payton manning every once in a while.
6:41 am
a lot of scrimmage. we have a big dome high pressure in the south. it's acting as a heat pump. we're not going to break any records here. the record was 88, today 88 and tomorrow 88. you look out to the west and they were not part of that 1978 hot spell. so and 80-degree temperature will bust records in the west. look how many states. you can see a warm front in the north. every state, every city, every county and every person in the eastern half of the united states is getting a weekend that we only dreamed about in february. take a look at the five-day forecast that goes to mid-week next week. any change come in the weather? stay tuned for that.
6:42 am
sandra lee will be here with coffee w we're going to try to help her get some more fans on her facebook. we were busting on her pretty good yesterday. we're taking a break and coming back on this first friday, good friday in april. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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look at this the sunrise geese a bit after humid haze. this haze or fog? >> i'm telling you, we got a bit of an easterly breeze. so that should not help the fog. barometer 30.10 and high pressuretowns to settle over the area. 46 in ocean city, 45 in easton and elkton. 45 cumberland and 48 westminster and 46 bel-air and
6:46 am
columbia, 48 rock hall, answer accomplice 49, -- annapolis. look at this water. it is clear. that's what it will look like for the next five days. we thin run into mid-week next week, warm, sun think and delightful conditions. we're going to be a daytime high of 20 above that 78 will be the high this date and look for an overnight low of 48. tomorrow sunshine in the area and going to go for a high of 80 degrees and 76 degrees on sunday and monday. like at this, tuesday and wednesday, back up to near 80. how about the get up and go? here is sharon. no delays at this hour. built we have a few disheantses could get in your way. one of them involving a bicycle in columbia on harm pers farm road and we have two other accidents. one on 95 westbound at the ramp
6:47 am
from aviation boulevard. and the second accident in psychoville. take 32 to bennett road to oklahoma and then oakland mill road and back to liberty road. speeds looking good on the top side. 53 miles an hour on the outer loop. i think we can live with that. there's a look at 95 just north of 195, looking good and no issues and 95 on mountain road or route 50 on the bay bridge. this traffic report brought to you by toyota. back over to you. this morning's coffee can is sandra lee. welcome back to sandra lee. before we start cooking, you have a facebook fan page.
6:48 am
become a fan of sandra lee. you can do a search. you have 12,718 fans. >> and we just launched. >>s this push it up to 120719 in this hour. we have over 47,000 wjz fans that will respond to this. >> i'm actually on line. i'm always on line and face back and twitter. probably more than i should be. >> never let good food get in the way of good social networking. are we going to die aquiche today? >> there are -- a quiche today. >> there are so many people on the facebook talking about my
6:49 am
new magazine. this is a cupcake bouquet. all this is a foam ball, toothpicks and cupcake papers. how cute is that in. >> that is pretty cool. >> but i don't know if i like to without the cupcakes out of them. >> now we want to go to the ones directly behind you and take them and ease them like wolfs. >> if you are that hungry, i have a maple sausage springtime quiche that sounds french and fancy, but this is a manly man's quiche. >> i don't think think that a quiche is not manly. >> this is my vermont maple
6:50 am
sausage. the reason why i bought this is because the syrup is in it and the seasonings are in it and what it would cost me everything that is in here would cost me a fortune. these are the sausage pat advertise. i'm going to turn them into a crumble that i'm going use as a base for my quiche. and the only thing better looking than a man cooking is a man cleaning. >> what is with the maple flavored sausage. iour it two years ago and everybody has it now. >> johnsonville i think has the best products on the market. but maple seer runs are expensive. and i love the flavor that this sausage has that is great on pizza but it's the base for my quiche. my quiche in a premade pie shell. i have -- my quiche is in a
6:51 am
premade pie shell. these are presliced mushrooms and peppers and green onion. and you'll put in egg in here. we're going to put in egg beat hers in here. >> you know why men die before women in because they want to. go ahead. >> we're coming right after you, my love. and put cheese on here and bake this off. and i'm going to give you to sweeten you up? i'm going to give a beautiful pineapple mamosa. >> and here's your facebook page. you're a good, genuine person. and -- >> and i'm a good egg.
6:52 am
>> jay-z fans go to sandra's space and skyrocketing those numbers. let her know who has the testosterone in this city. >> love you anyway, bye-bye. >> got to love sandra. and on her facebook page there is all sorts of cool information. and she'll guide you to different places. >> i don't like quiche myself. i've had it. i just don't safer it. >> marinate it and grill it. it's good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:55 am
it's 46 right now with 92% humidity. harbor couple is looking over that now. i'm guessing this is spotty fog in locations. look out there over the water, very interesting. we're taking a look at the forecast. it's going to be a gorgeous day. any fog that has formed will burn off in rapid fashion as the sun comes up. 78 degrees will be the high and it's in the mid-40s right now and over to sharon. good morning. still no delays but a bunch of accidents, one of them on the
6:56 am
beltway. this one is the west side outer loop on security boulevard and 132 westbound cedar lane and a vehicle and a bicycle involved in an accident on harpers farm road in homewood and one on the ramp from aviation boulevard. and a crash in sitesville still blocking the lanes of liberty road between 32 and oklahoma ride. there's a look at your drive times on the beltway. there's a look at 95, no delays despite the nearby accident. everything looking good and also on 50 near the bay bridge. back over to you. up next going one-on-one with the president ,,,,,,
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